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7 Rules To Burn More Fat
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Rule #1- Eat Before Your Workout Have a snack or a light meal before your workout session to burn more fat. Eating before exercising was shown to enhance your metabolism. In a study, those who ate before their moderate-intensity cardio … Read More

3 Things You Should Do Now To Avoid Procrastination
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How many times have you promised yourself to start eating healthy or quit smoking on Sunday, but the plan is still on hold by Monday? You keep postponing things you want to do. Simple things like sending an email or … Read More

4 Easy Tricks to Prevent Your Food Cravings
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Craving ice cream? Cookies? Chocolate? What about Crisps? You sometimes find it hard to control your food cravings, especially in the evening. At night, after school or work, you’re bored, probably watching TV and feel like snacking on something right? … Read More

5 Ways to Prevent Stress Belly Fat
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Hectic work schedules, family responsibilities, money or relationship issues, mind non- stop thinking, little sleep and the list continues… Today, stress is a big chuck of our life… But did you know that consistent high stress levels make you gain fat? … Read More

4 Foods That Help You Burn More Fat
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Are you on a diet for weight loss and want to get better and faster results? Do you want to speed up your fat burning process? There are some powerful foods that help you lose more body fat by boosting … Read More

6 Rules When Planning to Get Your Lean and Trim Body
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“Next week I’ll try again” sounds familiar? We find it hard to stick to our “I want a lean and trim body” goal. We have a picture of the body we want to achieve. We get excited about training and following … Read More

Eat Clean: Easy Low Calorie & Low Carb Pancake Recipe
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Craving pancakes but you still want something healthy and low in carb? Here is an easy and quick low calorie, low carb and protein rich pancake recipe. Only few ingredients and can be prepared in 5 mins! Ingredients Oats Vanilla Whey … Read More

4 Mistakes You’re Doing When Trying to Lose Weight
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“I tried dieting by myself but did not lose any weight.” I consistently hear this sentence from my clients who visit me for a nutrition consultation. It doesn’t take me long to figure out what they’re doing wrong after I … Read More