4 Reasons You Should Consider a Low Carb Diet to Get Your Lean and Trim Body

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You’ve tried many diets to lose weight with little results? You wonder which one makes you lose weight fast? which one helps you get your best lean and trim body?

The large amount of diets for weight loss puts this subject in a maze of conflicting advice: Low carb? Low fat? Juice diet? Lots of diets out there… but which one is best for you?

After years of low fat being promoted as the best weight loss strategy, the rise in obesity led to suggestions to consider alternative approaches: the low carb diet.

Here are 4 reasons a low carb diet is best for you to lose weight:

Reason #1: Fast Weight Loss

Best diet for fast weight lossThe low carb diet causes 2 to 3 times more weight loss as the standard low fat diet. A study showed that after 2 months, adults on the low carb diet lost more weight than those on the low fat diet (5.8 kg vs. 0.99 kg).

How low carb diets work is very simple. Carbs are converted into simple sugars, the main source of energy in your body. In the absence of carbs, your body uses your fat stores as a source of energy. So basically when there are limited amounts of carbs to be used as fuel, the body burns fat. When you eat carbs, your sugar levels become high, your pancreas releases a hormone to stabilize your blood sugar levels. This hormone is insulin. Insulin also regulates energy storage. It tells fat cells to produce or store fat. So when your blood sugar levels are high, insulin picks up sugar (glucose) from your bloodstream and burns it instead of fat this process shuts down your fat burning process!

Reason #2: Food Cravings Control 

Best diet to control your cravings and appetite Hunger and food cravings are worst when trying to lose weight. They’re the main reason why you keep cheating here and there.

Low carb diets lower your appetite, increase your satiety and control your food cravings.  In a study, those who were on a low carb diet reported being less bothered by hunger compared to those who on a low fat diet. They also had reduced cravings for carbs and high sugar foods related to  more balanced blood sugar levels and insulin.

Keeping blood sugar levels balanced is key to control appetite and cravings. When you eat something with sugar, your blood sugar levels go up quickly, known as sugar rush. Unfortunately, in life, what goes up quickly must go down quickly, plummeting blood sugar levels cause you to feel hungry and start having cravings.

Reason #3: Easy to Follow

Everyone wants easy roads to get their lean and trim body. The low carb diet was easier to follow according to the participants in the previously mentioned study. They only had to limit their carb intakes while the low fat diet group had to count their calories throughout the day and limit their fat intakes. The  low carb diet significantly lowers appetite, leading to automatic reduction in calorie intakes. So you’ll eat fewer calories without having to think about it.

Also, studies showed that those who were on a low carb diet were more likely to commit compared to the low fat diet group.

“Fast weight loss” and “easy to follow” are 2 key motivators to encourage you keep going. Think about it, you’ll be discouraged to continue dieting if you see slow progress and chances for you to give you are high.

Reasons #4: Overall Health Improvement

Best diet to lose weight and improve your healthA low carb diet reduces the risk of hearl disease by improving its major risk factors: cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

A low carb diet enhances your HDL cholesterol, the good cholesterol. A study  showed that those on a low carb diet had greater increases in HDL, the good cholesterol with around 23% increase at 2 years. It’s well known that the higher your HDL levels, the lower the risk of heart disease.

A low carb diet reduces your blood triglycerides, fat molecules in your bloodstream which levels are strong heart disease risk factor. A study found that following a diet that restricted carbs to 20-30% of calories resulted in a reduction of 74.2 mg/dL of triglycerides levels, compared to only a decrease of 27.9 mg/dL in the low-fat group.

Finally, a low carb diet has better impact on your blood pressure. A study found that a low card diet was more effective in reducing blood pressure than the low fat diet supplemented with blood pressure lowering medications. Both systolic and diastolic pressures were lowered significantly: systolic (-5.9 vs 1.5 mm Hg) and diastolic (-4.5 vs 0.4 mm Hg).

Aim to limit your carb intakes to less than 30% of your calories. you will loose weight fast, kill your appetite and hunger while keeping your health in check!


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