Here is an easy, fast and convenient way to get your lean and trim body.


How It Works

Step 1- Get In Touch With Me

Fill in the contact form below. Once I get your email, I’ll send you a questionnaire.


Step 2- Fill In The Questionnaire

I need to know certain information about you (your goals, weight, height, diet history, eating habits, exercise routine etc) in order to design a diet plan specific for your needs.


Step 3- Choose Your Diet Style

Once you send it back to me, we work on deciding which diet option works best for you.

Option 1: Fixed Diet Plans

I provide you with written menu-plans, which means I specify the actual types of foods and quantities that you have to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

This is of course according to your food preferences. Won’t tell you to eat avocados if you don’t like them. Won’t force you to eat eggs if you’re not a fan.

Option 2: Flexible Diet Plans

You will make your own menus. Based on what food you usually eat, I make some modifications and provide you with the amounts using a list of food groups.

For example, for lunch, I tell you you have to eat 1 carb, 1 protein and 1 veg.

All you have to do is to check the carb list which may include potatoes, bread, rice with quantities specifically for you… and pick what you feel like eating. Then you check the protein list which includes chicken, beef, salmon etc also specified with quantities. Then you can eat whatever you want and still be on a diet plan!


Step 4- Your Diet Plan Is Sent To You

Once payment is done, a diet plan is sent to you within 48 hours.


Contact me for more details and pricing 

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