Quick Tips To Keep Your Weight Loss Going This Holiday

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Holiday season is here: traveling, family obligations, lots of delicious meals, desserts and partying. It’s no surprise that you slack off during this time of the year.

Here are quick 20 tips to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals this month:

#1- Avoid pastries for breakfast, stick to omelets with veggies instead. The goal if to keep your carb intakes low to support your weight loss goals during this festive season.

#2- Pick light items from restaurants’ menus if available. Most restaurants’ menus have a section with light options. Pick one of those.

#3- Avoid sandwiches and wraps when eating out. One sandwich has more than 30g of carbs (usually 40 to 60g). Go for main dishes or salads instead.

#4- Avoid pasta, rice, fries or mashed potatoes as a side if you opt for a main dish. Go for grilled veggies or a side salad instead.

#5- Go for white meat or fish over dark meat to reduce your caloric intakes. And of course, choose grilled options over fried ones.

#6- Ask for a lemon oil dressing if you get a salad. Balsamic vinegar works as well. Ask for the dressing to be on the side and only use half of it.

#7- Don’t go for quinoa salads. They barely have any green veggies. Quinoa is healthy but has as much carbs as rice or pasta. So make sure your salad base is made of green leafy vegetables rather than pasta, noodles or quinoa. It’s fine if you have some quinoa in your salad as long as it’s not used instead of the vegetables as a base.

#8- Go ahead and order this Molten chocolate or cheesecake if you really crave it. However, only eat half of it or even better one third of it. Share it with your friends!

#9- Indulge in moderation when invited.  It’s very easy to give in and eat thousands of calories in one setting when you see the holiday table furnished with tasty treats. Don’t deprive yourself from enjoying foods, but pick your favorite ones and limit yourself to one serving.

#10- In case you felt you ate a heavy meal, make the next meal, or even better the whole day, a light meal, eating half to two thirds your normal amounts at each meal.

#11- Go for a walk after your meal. This will get you away from the food, making it less likely that you’ll help yourself to seconds or overindulge in dessert upon your return. It will also support your digestion and helps lower your blood sugar levels.

 #12- Don’t stop working out. It may be hard to keep your workout routine during the holidays. Just try at least twice a week to keep that weight loss going.

#13- Workout in the morning before your family and friends wake up. This will pump up your energy levels and leaves you all the time for getting the busy holiday stuff done during the day. Try it.

#14- Find a partner in crime. Working out in the morning is ‘easier said than done’. It can be hard not snoozing your alarm on your off days to go workout. Find a partner to help you commit to your workout plan. It’s easier if you’re not doing it by yourself.

#15- Use your bodyweight. No gym access? No problem. You can get a great workout by just using your bodyweight. No equipments needed and no excuses. Google any circuit routine, set a timer of 20 minutes and see how many circuits you can do!

#16- Walk, walk and walk. Try staying active as much as possible. You can walk around the shops, in malls, in streets. Just don’t stay lazy on your couch.

#17- Don’t drink alcohol and eat at the same. When you’re drinking, your body focuses on metabolizing and removing alcohol from your body and all other processes shut down. Having said so, most of what you eat when you’re drinking may go to your fat stores.

#18- Avoid margaritas, mojitos or any fruity cocktail. Each of these has around 25g of carbs- equivalent to 5 teaspoons of sugar! Imagine having couple of these. Hello Diabetes 101.

#19- Avoid mixing alcohol with juices, soft drinks or red bull. These will only add up more calories and sugar. Go for diet 7up or soda water.

#20- Drink wisely and in moderation. One single drink (gin or vodka) with diet 7up or soda water is around 75kcal. One glass of wine is around 150-200 kcal.  1 bottle of beer is around 150kcal- same calories than wine, but has 2-3 teaspoons more sugar!


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