6 Rules When Planning to Get Your Lean and Trim Body

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“Next week I’ll try again” sounds familiar? We find it hard to stick to our “I want a lean and trim body” goal. We have a picture of the body we want to achieve. We get excited about training and following a new weight loss diet. We start, everything goes well, we get bored or something comes up, we find excuses to quit and soon fall off completely.

You see on social media these huge guys who lost 50kg. They keep posting their before and after pictures- obviously they’re proud of their body transformation… and you wonder how did these people do. Are they any better than you? No, the difference is these people set SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely and COMMIT to small changes that create larger results over time. Remember a goal without a plan is just a wish. So here are 6 rules to plan and achieve your lean, trim and fit body:

Rule #1: Set a Specific Goal and Plan It

beach bikini plan What’s your goal? “Lose weight and get abs”? This goal is too vague. You have to be more specific. How much do you want to lose? 5kg? 10kg?

Avoid using online calculators to calculate your “ideal weight”. These  don’t take into account your bone mass density and provide you with an over or underestimated weight. According to these, I have to gain 8kg to reach my ideal weight. No thanks, Im happy with my current weight. Your ideal weight is when you look in the mirror and feel great with your body shape. So if you’re not sure how much weight you need to lose, just think about the weight you felt at your best and aim for that.

Also, how will you lose the weight? Plan it. I can help you here, there are no secrets: losing weight is 70-80% diet and 20-30% exercise. So first step, plan your weight loss diet You can check out my weight loss tips advice to help you lose weight!  Second step, plan your exercise routine. When will you start? How many times/ hours per week? Are you going to the gym or running? Not a big gym fan, find an activity you enjoy and commit to it. If you don’t like anything, keep trying different activities until you find it. Trust me, once you start, training becomes an addiction.

Rule #2: Set a Measurable Goal and Keep Track

Keep track of your progress. Here are 3 ways to track your progress:

Your Weight

It’s the easiest method but avoid weighing yourself everyday. Your weight fluctuates due to water and food intake. Observing only minor fluctuations on your scale will freak you out and discourage you to continue your efforts. I promise you your weight won’t change overnight. Scientifically speaking you cannot gain 1kg of fat in 1 day. If you see your weight jumping 1kg overnight, it’s just because of what you ate or drank the day before.  Instead, weigh yourself every 2 weeks or once per month. The longer gap ensures accuracy in measuring the trend of your weight.

Your Body Fat % 

Your weight isn’t an accurate way if you exercise because you can gain muscle and lose fat. So even if you don’t see any changes on your scale, you’ll notice changes through your clothes. In this case, body fat% is your best option to track how well you’ve done. You can measure it by performing a body impedance analysis with InBody machine at any gym.

Your Waist Circumference 

You can do that by measuring your narrowest part of your waist using a measuring tape. Waist circumference should be <80cm for women and <94cm for men. You can also measure your hip circumference.

Rule #3: Set an Attainable Goal

Get your dream beach body come true Make sure your weight loss goals are achievable. An average healthy fat loss is 2 to 4kg for women and 3 to 6 kg for men per month. So losing 7kg in one month is almost impossible. So forget about promising yourself something that is not achievable in the first place. Unfortunately, high expectations can only lead to disappointments. “Yes, but how come some women lose up to 5-6 kg in 1 month?” Unfortunately, the 6-7 kg kilos they dropped are fat, muscle mass and water, not PURE FAT. When trying to lose weight, you should aim on preserving your muscle mass because it is highly correlated to your metabolic rate. The higher your muscle mass, the higher your metabolism, the faster your body burns. Loosing muscle mass causes your metabolism to slow down leading to weight gain. So when you lose 6-7 kg per month, you’re more likely put on more weight than what you started with. Your ultimate goal should be to lose weight, get your lean body and MAINTAIN IT- so do it the healthy way.

Rule #4: Set a Realistic Goal 

Your goal should be realistic for you. It’s possible to lose 3kg in one month, but can YOU do that? You plan on exercising 5 times per week. But is this plan realistic with your work schedule? You need to see yourself reaching the goal without being overwhelmed. You have to do a self-check on your abilities and your schedule. Setting difficult goals and not seeing fast outcomes also results in discouragement, postponing or quitting. Remember direction is always more important than speed. Many people are going fast nowhere.

Rule #5: Set a Deadline

tips for achieve your beach body goal When are you planning on achieving your lean and trim body? This summer? Next summer? Give yourself a deadline but make sure you give yourself enough time to achieve your goal. For that, set a big goal and divide it into smaller short-term goals. For example I’m going to lose 2kg every month to achieve 10kg by June. Focus on the small goal only. If your long-term goal is to lose 15kg, you might get disappointed, demotivated and give up if you only drop 3kg in your first month. But when you set a goal of 2kg per month and lose 3kg, you would feel happy about yourself and more motivated to continue! Achieving little victories over time create excitement, motivation and confidence towards achieving your overall goal.

Rule #6: Commit, Be Positive and Never Give Up

You need consistency, dedication and commitment to achieve your goal. Follow a weight loss diet plan, create a schedule for your exercise routine and commit to it. Don’t let anyone come in your way or let any excuse stop you from your plan. You have to reach your deadlines.

Be patient. Earning the body you want may be a journey. Many quit due to slow progress without realizing that progress is still progress. Don’t give up; the beginning is always the hardest.

how to commit to your weight loss goals to get your dream beach bodyBe positive. Believe in yourself and that you can do it. Whether you think you can do it or not, you’re right. Whatever your mind believes, you body achieves. Never let your body tell your mind what to do; your body will always give up.

Keep your eyes on your goal. Dream your lean, trim and fit body, plan it, work for it, and make it happen.



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