Your Guide To Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday

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Holiday season is here… weight gain season is here. You still want to enjoy the yummy and delicious food and desserts but at the same time you don’t want to gain any weight.. Here is what you can do based on where you’ll be:

You’re At A Restaurant

Try avoiding sandwiches, wraps and burgers- these are usually higher in calories and carbs. If you really feel like having something caby, wraps are usually the lightest.

Get a main course: chicken, fish or beef. Choose grilled options over fried ones.

Choose veggie sides instead of fried or mashed potatoes.

If you’re getting a salad, make sure it has protein: eggs, chicken, beef , salmon or tuna.

For salad dressings, choose olive oil with lemon or balsamic vinegar instead of honey and mayo based ones. Ask for the dressing to be on the side and only add enough to flavor your salad.


You’re At A Buffet

Before you get a plate, take a walk around the buffet and check what meals are served then you can assess all your options and plan your meal accordingly.

Fill half of your plate with veggies. The other half should be split between protein sources (chicken, beef or fish) and carbs (rice, pasta or potato).

If you still feel hungry, go for a second round- but do take control over your portions. Eat 80% full, never 100%.

If you really want a dessert, pick only one option.

In case you felt you had a heavy meal, go for a 30 minutes walk or make your next meal light.

Avoid fruit juices and soft drinks. These are high in sugar and calories.

You’re At A Party

Alcohol is the worst during the holidays. Over drinking can make you gain weight.

Avoid beer, cider, fruity wines, and cocktails. These are higher in calories and sugars. For example, one beer has 16g of carbs, same as one piece of toast! One mojito has around 200 kcal and 25g of sugar- that’s equivalent to 5 teaspoons of sugar! Can you imagine having 2 or 3 mojitos?

Go for clear spirits (gin or vodka) and dry wines instead.

Never mix your alcohol with sodas, red bull or juices. These will only add up calories and sugar. Choose soda water , light tonic or diet 7up instead.

Don’t eat and drink alcohol at the same time. Alcohol is considered a toxin, when you drink it, your body focuses on eliminating it from your body. This means all other processes shut down. Having said so, most of the food you eat when you’re drinking will be stored as fat because your body is busy dealing with alcohol. Instead, eat a small meal or snack before drinking.

Don’t eat after a night out. Drunken 3-am journeys to eating greasy food or ordering  zaatar w zeit won’t reduce your hangover pains nor sober you up. By the time, food hit your stomach, the alcohol you took is already in your system. Greasy food won’t help metabolise the alcohol any faster but will lead to acid reflux! which means you’ll feel worse in the morning.

Finally, drink in moderation!



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